What If Kate Winslet Sang A Christmas Carol?

Kate Winslet, starlet of Titanic fame and other films, evidently has a little Christmas in her. You have to go back a ways — to 2001. She was the voice of Belle in a re-telling of A Christmas Carol with a bit of a twist. What if Scrooge wasn’t such an old man and reformed himself in time to reunite with Belle? Ah, that would be different indeed. And that’s exactly the story told [more...]

Confessions of a Christmas Creeper

My kids go back to school this week. Most parents rejoice at this kind of event and I’m one of them. The lone exceptions amongst parents are those who send their kids away to school for the first time. Being a teacher’s aide I see it happen every year. A brave kid, fighting back tears maybe and wide-eyed with anticipation heads into a classroom for the first time while a worried mama gives [more...]

What Christmas in July Really Means

When I was a kid I had a recurring dream — a wish, really — that I could pull some stored snowballs from the freezer and pelt my brother with them on the hottest day in the July. That is the curse of being the smallest brother. You have to scheme in order to find satisfaction. These days my snowballs in the freezer are more easily accessed. It is called Christmas and I drive people [more...]

Honest Atheists Celebrate Christmas

Famed atheist front man Richard Dawkins this week claimed that telling children about Santa Claus and allowing them Christmas fantasies is harmful and bordering on abuse. I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick and tired of atheists hijacking all that is fun about Christmas. From putting up anti-God billboards in Times Square to complaining about schools packing boxes for [more...]

Media Bashing Christmas Businesses

Christmas is, for many folks, a business. Whether it is worked as a serving Santa or set up as a shop of Christmas wonder the business of Christmas is for sure a tough one. Some folks believe it is all fairy dust and sugar plums. But when your product is only popular or in use during one particular season of the year making money is a tough thing. Ask any surf shop, any candy maker, or any [more...]

What Should Have Happened to Potter

We noted with some reflection the observance this past week of Lionel Barrymore Day, the actor most widely known these days for his nasty character of Henry F. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life. There are many stories about this now legendary movie but one of the more obscure is that folks back then were really upset that Potter is never shown facing consequences for his evil-doing in [more...]

Celebrating the Christmas That Wasn’t

It was with some sadness that I read this article from the Smithsonian about the Christmas card from 1963 never sent by President and Mrs. Kennedy. It reminded me so much of a Christmas I endured more than a decade ago. In the dark of night a knock came at the door and there stood a state trooper. There had been an accident and my mother was in the hospital in critical condition. With a week to [more...]

UPS Fingered as Scrooge for Christmas Shipping Fiasco

UPS, the guys in brown, are on everyone’s naughty list, it seems. UPS made news they didn’t want when millions of packages went undelivered for Christmas. I was caught up in the fiasco. My daughter was receiving an iPad Mini for Christmas and I was getting it through a vendor who promised to ship it to me in time for Christmas. They shipped it UPS on December 17th, with an anticipated [more...]

Christmas is Peace

They are making merchandise of Christmas and all who celebrate it. All of them. Bill O’Reilly. Sarah Palin. The American Humanist Association. Freedom From Religion Foundation. All of them. Those of us who keep Christmas year round know when Christmas is getting closer because these guys start blowing their horns. Once Christmas is over they don’t care about Christmas. It has suited [more...]
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