Protesting Thanksgiving

The battle lines are being drawn all around us. The rumblings of discontent and the cries of revolution are warming up. There is a storm coming. It is called Thanksgiving. It never used to be this way. Way back in the old days when I was a kid — when the world was all in black and white, as my children used to say — Thanksgiving was not the start of the Christmas season. It was the [more...]

Christmas and Infectious Diseases

This week I attended the most bizarre pre-Christmas sales meeting of my 35+ year retail career. The hot topic? Christmas and Ebola. I kid you not. Tis the season, you see, for sales projections, big plans and visions of crowded aisles filled with shoppers looking to stuff stockings. Over the years I’ve been through it a bazillion times. The worries and potential situations that get [more...]

Secrets of Great Stocking Stuffers

As a man there isn’t much I can do right when it comes to Christmas. According to my wife I can’t cook. According to my daughters I can’t shop. And according to my wallet I’m Scrooge. While I have neighbors — all men, by the way — who deck the halls with billions of lights on every bush and rain gutter my house is conspicuously dark every Christmas. That comes [more...]

Cash: It’s What’s for Christmas

Target. Home Depot. Michaels. Neiman Marcus. What do these big store brands have in common? Credit card data security breaches, the most famous killing Target’s Christmas last year. For consumers it happens silently. They go shopping and swipe their cards. It doesn’t matter if they use a PIN code or merely sign for their purchase. The data breach is on the back end. Their information [more...]

Not All Christmas Trees are Made of Trees

Life in the desert or tropical climates can make a Christmas freak feel a little lonely. When you get that hankering for frosty air, roasting chestnuts and one-horse open sleighing it is hard to be merry when sand is your snow and the heat of the sun has you hanging lights in shorts. Nothing, but nothing, cures those cruel Christmas blues better than putting up a Christmas tree. And you [more...]

Stop Whining About Christmas

If there is a part of Christmas I cannot stand it is the complaints. It starts in September when people get on their soapbox about “Christmas creep” just because they see trees and lights for sale at Costco. It culminates in November when Nordstrom’s puts up their snotty sign declaring “We celebrate one holiday at a time“. Over on a blog called Scrooge [more...]

Five Reasons to go Christmas Shopping in September

For many people there is a real disconnect between the seasons and spending money. Many folks after all are just recovering from the double sting of back-to-school shopping and summer vacations. Spending money, especially with the holidays fast approaching, isn’t on the to-do list. But you might want to check that at the door. I would humbly suggest that November and December are the time [more...]

Top Five Things I Won’t Do This Christmas

With Labor Day weekend approaching it is inevitable that my heart turns to Christmas. I’m so done with summer. And Halloween does nothing for me. Zip. I love Thanksgiving but I consider it a part of Christmas. That’s just how I roll. So it is only natural for me to have Christmas on the brain right now. Before I spend a penny, before I make a plan, before I lick a stamp, hang a [more...]

What If Kate Winslet Sang A Christmas Carol?

Kate Winslet, starlet of Titanic fame and other films, evidently has a little Christmas in her. You have to go back a ways — to 2001. She was the voice of Belle in a re-telling of A Christmas Carol with a bit of a twist. What if Scrooge wasn’t such an old man and reformed himself in time to reunite with Belle? Ah, that would be different indeed. And that’s exactly the story told [more...]
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