Let the Light Season Begin!

Real Christmas.com is sponsoring a contest to nominate the best Christmas Light Videos of 2014 as part of our celebration in the World’s Largest Christmas Party. Those videos are in production now and most officially flip the switch to their lights this week, the week of Thanksgiving. Let the light season begin! Meanwhile, here’s a video about a New York family intent on breaking the [more...]

Even Santa Poops

The UK is a different world. Christmas there has a great flavor and is so openly celebrated. But today the world of advertising in the UK has taken on an all knew level of greatness with this shamelessly inappropriate-on-every-level ad of Santa on the can. This is seriously funny [more...]

Songs that Put the X in Christmas

I love the debates of Christmas and none is more pleasing to me than the arguments about Christmas music. Christmas music tends to run the gamut — from syrupy kids stuff to the chants of sacred hymns. That is what makes it so wonderful. But Christmas also has a dark side — a delicious, outrageous, naughty dark side. Only at Christmas could you get away with the songs listed below. [more...]

Gay Santas and Black Elves

What a convoluted mess Christmas is becoming. Wrestling legend Mick Foley has been pushing a movie called I Am Santa Claus. It is a documentary that follows the lives and travels of real individuals who portray Santa each year. It tells their stories and experiences as they transform from the real world to their Santa world. It sounds like a harmless enough premise and apparently the world of [more...]

7 Steps to a More Meaningful Christmas

Christmas can be like a pressure cooker for some people. I used to be that way. I used to sweat the details to get it all done, rushing from place to place, worried whether or not I could see it all, taste it all and do it all in accomplishing the perfect Christmas for my family. It took me many years to realize that my efforts to do it all really kept me from having a great Christmas experience. [more...]

I Take Offense at Your Offense

It is tough for me to get through this season of “Christmas creep”. No, not the fact that Christmas is so visible in the months before Thanksgiving. I’m sick of people complaining about it. In fact — I’m offended. What really set me off is this guy in Canada griping about how Christmas decorations in stores somehow shows disrespect to Veterans. What a crock of [more...]

Which Stores are Open and Which are Closed on Thanksgiving

You are soon to be hit with a terrible choice. Will you side with those retailers who open on Thanksgiving Day or those who refuse to? More than anything else it may be your politics that make the choice for you. Seriously. If you’re conservative, you’re pro-Thanksgiving shopping. Evidently, you so love capitalism, the freedom to shop and Black Friday that you’ll head out even [more...]

Protesting Thanksgiving

The battle lines are being drawn all around us. The rumblings of discontent and the cries of revolution are warming up. There is a storm coming. It is called Thanksgiving. It never used to be this way. Way back in the old days when I was a kid — when the world was all in black and white, as my children used to say — Thanksgiving was not the start of the Christmas season. It was the [more...]

Christmas and Infectious Diseases

This week I attended the most bizarre pre-Christmas sales meeting of my 35+ year retail career. The hot topic? Christmas and Ebola. I kid you not. Tis the season, you see, for sales projections, big plans and visions of crowded aisles filled with shoppers looking to stuff stockings. Over the years I’ve been through it a bazillion times. The worries and potential situations that get [more...]
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